There are many Activities of Light throughout the planet, sponsored by the Heaven Realms.

At the Temple of Sacred Alchemy, we honor and acknowledge each Fountain and Focus of Light on earth, each Messenger, Ministry, Endeavor, or Activity dedicated to the upliftment and advancement of humanity, the mystical traditions and spiritual healing practices of all the world's religions, the threads of Truth in religious doctrines worldwide, Saints and Sages east and west, and the Hierachies of Light who work so lovingly on behalf of our planet.


Mirra Rose
is an internationally acclaimed
spiritual teacher, healer, and speaker

who has been sharing her gifts world-wide for over thirty years, touching thousands
of people with her loving Presence

Her primary mission
is the empowerment of
individuals worldwide to attain
Divine Consciousness through a direct connection with the Soul

She is currently
working with others to
establish Communities of Light
on Mother Earth